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Welcome to Pack N' Pounce


Our Goals:

  • We want to help our local pet community to live a healthier and longer life.
  • Stop the euthanasia of unwanted animals, by offering a free spaying or neutering voucher program paid for by public donations.
  • Convert all Utah shelters to No Kill shelters by reducing the number of unwanted animals.
  • We want to include local veterinarians so pets have a Doctor - Patient relationship
  • Educate the importance of basic animal care housing, training, and feeding.
  • Rescue: re-home adoptable pets by feeding, spaying or neutering, providing medical care, housing, vaccinating and de-worming them.
  • Please check out our News section to see our newest fundrisers


Click the link below for donations to Pack N Pounce:

Utah Renaissance Festival

Animal Rescue

We have some animals that have been rescued and need medical attention. If you'd like to help, click the donation link. All donations are used for the medical care and needs of the rescued animals.

Pack and Pounce